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Sallie Mae is sitting on my tax refund!On Dec.

13th, I have been told by Sallie Mae, a batch of previous borrowers were incorrectly added to the treasury off-set program, resulting in God knows how many peoples' refunds being taken away from them mistakenly. Since the amount is used for security questions and such, I can only say it was well over $2000. I have been calling everyday since January 29th, my expected refund deposit date, and everyday someone tells me another day that the check will be in the mail. They refuse to refund my money and I am losing my car and my transportation to school and to work.

I am a landscaper and I depend on my tax refund as income during the slow winter months. When I am called back to work in a couple of weeks, I will have to decline as I will not have transportation. As of 2/18/2010 they are telling me they will mail me MY money next Wednesday. That is too late to receive funds to make my LAST car payment, and I will lose my ca

r as a result.

I've had it up to hear with this non-sense and I hope my comment reaches someone, I hope someone has had the same experience, and I *** to GOD there is some sort fo legal action I can take for their 'computer error'. I suspect the broke Sallie Mae is earning interest and investing our cash in short-selling stocks in order to make a quick buck, but who knows?


Monetary Loss: $2300.

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Sallie Mae took my tax refund after I had been paying monthly on my loan and every time I call they say someone on their end didn't so their job and the first time I called it was going to be 30-60 days and I have called back atleast once a week since April 3 and now they say it will take 60-90 days I'm pissed and they give no other answers


I dont get why you are all complaining?I have over 60k in sallie mae debt, and I totally agree the interest they charge is down right outrageous!

I've paid so much extra money to them it's insane, but you know what? I took the money out, I signed the loan docs, there for I will pay. it. back.

No one forced you to go to college and take out loans! You're the *** who went to art school - what the *** kind of job did you think you were going to get knowing you were going into debt taking out loans? This is what is wrong with Americans, absolutely no accountability! I've been working a job for the 6 years since I've graduated on a sucky salary and have put all my money towards my loans - I've even had a second job for that very reason.

I dont go on vacation, I dont waste my money on *** or at the bar/restaurant...and I'm ALMOST done paying off my debts...so get a clue people - you took the money out so now you have to pay it back!If you loaned Sallie Mae 50k to go to school, you sure wouldn't be mad if you took their tax returns, right?


boy u are stfu u probably don't pay your fckin loans off either trying to make yourself look good.I say all schools online a piece of *** and a scam *** some jobs don't even take degrees mostly if u got it online!!!!!


Contact an attorney who does consumer protection law.

I too have an issue with Sallie Mae where I did a loan consolidation for 3%. After I sent in the paper work, Sallie Mae dragged there feet on the consolidation, then stated in a letter that my references were not good enough even though they are the same references I used to get the loans. I then received another letter from Sallie Mae stating I did not update my references, so I updated them online on Sallie Mae's website, I thought things were good, wrong. Sallie Mae then called me on the phone, I again provided my references to some foriegn speaking person on the phone who could hardly understand me as well as I understanding her. I then received another letter stating that we tried to contact you by phone for updated references but were unable to reach you. WTF, I just provided this non-english speaking representitive at Sallie Mae with all the reference information, what gives. I thought this was some kind of mistake so I ignored it.

Any how, after a 180 days of being out of school the loan repayment beings. Well I found out that the interest rate was a 7.14% not at 3%. I contact Sallie Mae over and over without any sucess of getting the issue taken care of. I then threaten Sallie Mae that I would withhold payment, that I was entitled to do this by federal law, if this was not taken care of right away. Sallie Mae promised to correct the issue. Next month nothing happened so I withheld...

I feel for all of you out there. Get yourself an attorney before its to late and it causes other problem like losing your job or loss of your income tax return check.

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to Alan Hoffer #584482

Hi, I'm in a similar situation where I'm disputing the remaining balance on my salliemae signature student loan due to the accumulated interested.I've paid off over 72% of the original amount that I took out but I still owe more than what I took out.

I've sent letters to both of my Senators and they've filed inquiries but I don't think there's much that they can do since these are private student loans. I've sent letter to Salliemae's customer advocate unit but they just keep saying that they'll get back to me. Its been over a month now. My loans are delinquent and are close to becoming default.

I am interested in filing a lawsuit and I was wondering how your lawsuit is going thus far?thanks


how can they save the auto industry bail out banks and wall street and throw the american tax payer under the bus. its our money help us we'r hurting we need to know that there's some concern for our needs. billions of dollars goes to help others when charity begins at home we are about tired of this mess and it will come to an end soon.


I am making payments on my loan and Sallie May has taken every tax return I was supposed to receive back fro the past few years.

I finally had enough money to make monthly payments and started doing so and now they are taking my money still.WTF?

I am jobless now, have bills to pay and was looking to that money to pay off my debts....including them! I understand that I owe them money. I am not stating otherwise, but if I am paying them back, the why in the *** would they keep talking money from me? A bunch of ***, if you ask me and I will tell everyone I know not to use them.

They need to be a bit more understanding that these are hard times for a lot of people!:(


Me and my husband did our taxes and got back $3300 10 days later we got our money $741.We didnt know what was going on, I owe on a student loan but got nothing in the mail saying they were taking it.

We went to H&R Block to figure it out. They looked on the website it said everything was fine even called the IRS personaly and waited on the phone for a half hour they lady said we wern't in default on anything and they cut our check for $3300 that day. I looked on the website again 4 days later and it said they took $2200 from Sallie Mae WTF??? Has this happened to anyone?

This has been such a hassle they say we have our money take it away give it back and take it away again.

They need to get their *** straight.yeah i owe them but the run around isn't necassary.


Sallie Mae took our tax refund which was well over 5k.In addition they took 2 of my social security disability payments totaling almost $400 (the max percentage).

I was approved for total and permenant disabity and when it came time to give back the money, they only told Nelnet I was owed 1 payment of my disability! they neglected to say they took our tax refund or an additional payment. When I tried to contact Sallie Mae, they tried to pass the buck to everyone else and then BLOCKED my calls so that anytime I call I am routed to the Department of Education. Thank goodness I was able to provide the proof frome the Department of Treasury!!

However, it is still taking Nelnet an additional 3 months just to get me THAT money back!

Sallie Mae--you disgust me.I may be disabled, but I am not ***.

to Steals from the Disabled Atlanta, Georgia, United States #672023

same thing is happening to me can you email me and tell me what to do VNoonan_88@hotmail.com

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