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I made a payment (while in school with a current deferment) on time in early/mid March to SM. In April my loan consolidation with Student Loan Xpress was finalized. I went on to continue to make timely payments to both loan companies.

Later in April I started getting calls from Sallie Mae stating that I owed them a balance from march. It turns out that they applied my march payment to one of the loans that I consolidated and were now asking me to make up the difference. After explaining that having me make the same payment to them twice was ridiculous the rep told me he would request a credit for the amount that was consolidated and then asked me if I wanted to pay the amount anyway since nothing would probably come of they credit request.

After several calls to different representatives there I heard several different stories. After scheduling a payment over the phone (I was about 4 days late, oversight on my end) I started getting calls from them the next day regarding my "balance".

In addition to calls to myself, my Mother (a recently retired school teacher) got a call from a rep who after my Mother explained that she understood that I had recently made a payment and that they did not need to make further collection calls; the rep told her that Sallie Mae would continue to make calls to her and that they could garnish her Social Security checks as well until they received payment.

This seemed way out of line for a "balance" of $113 dollars, that they received in March. I called SM and asked for the rep's name (no luck there) but was given a fax number and mailing address to send my complaint. The rep I talked to (Alison) was very helpful and understanding.

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Ya, I have my battles with Sallie Mae as well I usually just ask for their information and that I need to consult my attorney and they usually hang up.


Plus, even though I am too superior to other people to find a job, I am expected to pay my loans! My situation is far worse than you, you TOAD!

Locust, North Carolina, United States #23195

Sallie Mae can only garnish the borrower's money,and they will - I would rather have the Mafia after me

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